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Settled Out Court

  1. CEO Larry Page Takes the Stage in Surprise Google I/O Appearance

    Ironically, Page vilified Oracle – who has numerous victories over Android in court – just a few moments later, jabbing "Money is more important to them than cooperation. Maybe we should set aside a small part of the world like Burning Man," Page...

  2. Facebook Settles Privacy Lawsuit, Buys Facial Recognition Company

    Five Facebook members brought the case forward, though nearly one in three U.S.citizens could have joined in, said related court documents. It was settled last month, though details of the settlement just went public this weekend.

  3. Google Not Responsible for Policing YouTube Content: French Court

    So says a judgment by a court in France in the case of TF1, France’s largest television network, against YouTube and parent company Google. Stateside, a U.S.second circuit court of appeals panel overturned a judgment in YouTube’s favor in April...

  4. Google Won't Erase Links to Max Mosley Hooker Orgy Stories, So He Sues

    In the most recent case, settled in a French court in November, he only walked away with £6000 despite asking for £180,000 in damages. So.a court decided it wasn’t right for News of the World to label the orgy “Nazi” in nature.

  5. 'Rogue' Drug Ads May Cost Google $500 Million

    Then, in December, Google posted "Taking rogue pharmacies to court," announcing they were filing a civil lawsuit in San Jose, Calif.against advertisers they said deliberately broke Google's rules. Google settled civil allegations in 2007 for $3...

  6. Court Denies Yahoo Request To Move Trademark Case

    Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans rejected Yahoo's bid to move the trademark suit brought by American Airlines in a Texas court. If the case goes to court and Yahoo loses could it create a change in all paid search?

  7. Google's Path to Domination

    Idealab settled out of court with Google, Yahoo decided that it would rather buy than build its search technology in the form of a company called Overture Services. I never throw anything away. Strike that.

  8. SEO Mos Def Busted by WA State Atty General: $450,000 Penalty Looms

    Under the agreement filed in King County Superior Court, Internet Advancement must allow its customers to exit existing contracts. The defendants admitted that some of the violations had occurred and agreed to the new settlement filed today in King...

  9. Search and the Law: Professor Eric Goldman

    We had a few lawsuits in that last few years, and I think the search marketers are going to be gunning for ways to get the algorithmic decisions under court scrutiny, rather than solely under the decision of the search engines.