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  1. Multi-Channel Analytics: An Interview With SES San Francisco Speaker Andrew Edwards

    Prior to the conference I was lucky enough to interview various experts, including Bill Hunt and Bryan Eisenberg. SES San Francisco is next week, taking place September 10-13. He will be speaking at SES San Francisco on Multi-Channel Analytics: How...

  2. When Machines Start Writing Back: My Problem With DataPop & Automated Content Creation

    Web marketing veteran Bryan Eisenberg told me months ago, “You have to see what these guys are doing. I had the opportunity to meet a few of the folks from DataPop at SES San Francisco this summer. Not one to judge after just one meeting, I knew I...

  3. Connected Marketing Week: The Tasty Other Half of #SES SFO 2011

    This year’s star-studded speaker list features industry luminaries Bryan Eisenberg, Eric Enge, Brad Geddes, Andy Beal, Liana Evans, Bill Hunt, Debra Mastaler, Dave Naylor, Lee Odden, Crispin Sheridan, and Marty Weintraub, among others.

  4. SES Accelerator: Search & Social in San Diego on February 10, 2011

    Bryan Eisenberg interviewed Chertudi at SES Chicago 2010 on best practices for marketing attribution. SES is collaborating with OMS to hold a one-day event for the experienced marketer on Feb.that is dedicated to learning advanced topics in Search...

  5. Are the Brains of Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Sartorially Challenged?

    Now, no list would be complete without Bryan Eisenberg, a New York Times bestselling author and member of the SES Advisory Board. Bryan Eisenberg (left) with Avinash Kaushik (right) at SES London 2010