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Service Level Agreement

  1. 9 Ways to Prepare for a Future Without Cookie Tracking

    Separate your service level agreement and delivery conditions from your data consent. For the most part, do not track legislation is often misunderstood by the general public, and even our regulators in its definition, usage, and most importantly...

  2. Organic Search Noticeably Absent From Google Analytics 2013 Summit

    Google Tag Manager 'Premium Service Level Agreement' will be rolling out Q4 2013 for GA Premium users. Enterprise Level GTM Even these organizations rely upon some level of organic search engine traffic.

  3. The Bitter Harvest: The Redzone Saga Continues (Linden Lab Has a Problem on Its Hands)

    The Service may contain links to or otherwise allow connections to third-party websites, servers, and online services or environments that are not owned or controlled by Linden Lab. Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with...

  4. Obstacles in the UK power market

    Without intervention there will be no incentive for the big six to provide a service to smaller participants. Because they wouldn’t have to sign up to the multiple Grid Trade Master Agreement (GTMAs), you would think it would encourage more...

  5. Digging into due diligence

    It doesn’t mean they’re perfect but it gives credence to the process,” he says.Kevin Maloney, head of risk management for Gottex Fund Management, says the review of third-party service providers has become increasingly important for the company...

  6. Traitors in our midst

    In rare cases banks might use intellectual property protection such as trademarks and service marks, but where used these mechanisms are typically for service differentiation versus competition," says Doyle.

  7. Setting Expectations for Search Engine Optimization

    These fees are about average for firms that provide our level of service. How many times, when it came time to renew an agreement, did the client forget about all of that and tell you that they were disappointed in the program?

  8. SearchDay | Post-Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas

    Co-founder Leah Culver stated in the blog, "Weâï¿Â½ï¿Â½re bittersweet about shutting down the service but we believe weâï¿Â½ï¿Â½ll come back with . The two have had an agreement for two years and has now concluded in a sale that was voted on by...

  9. Q&A: Samir Pandiri

    As the complexity of CDO transactions continues to evolve so too do the technology platforms required to service such products. Proprietary industry applications are increasingly becoming a differentiating factor in the market and the ability to...

  10. Publisher Groups To Test New Search Engine Rights Management System (Updated)

    In the week that the publishers of Le Soir and La Libre Belgique won their case in the Belgian Courts against Google for illegally publishing content on its news service without prior consent, the What they cannot do is help search engines access...