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  1. Valentine’s Day Ferris Wheel Google Doodle Searches for a Perfect Match

    There is a particular serendipity to discover the fox, should you happen to come across him. Forgoing the traditional Valentine's Day Doodle, Google has produced a new interactive Doodle primarily honoring American engineer George Ferris.

  2. Jybe Concierge Search Agent Discovers Restaurants & Suggests Dinner

    Where relevancy is paramount on desktop search, serendipity in mobile search elicits forgiveness for any previously irrelevant experiences. The difference in experience here is crucial to understand - whereas for the sense of relevancy to manifest...

  3. Google Launches Knowledge Graph, 'First Step in Next Generation Search'

    Serendipity Box” Suggests Information Based on Popular Queries Remember when Mark Zuckerberg launched GraphRank, Timeline and the Ticker at F8 last year and I whinged about how often he used the words “serendipity” and “serendipitous” in his...

  4. Google+ vs. Facebook: More Passive Aggression & Creepiness in Tech Soap Opera

    You really have no other motive than your ponies and butterflies visionof serendipitous something-something-more-serendipity-and-flowers open society? Meanwhile, Zuckerberg stopped by the Charlie Rose show to make a few insinuations of his own...

  5. Search Engine Watch Redesign Breaks Records

    The guiding principles behind our choice of technology stack are 'searchability','findability' and a little bit of 'serendipity'. Exactly 6 months ago, we re-designed and re-branded Search Engine Watch to the site you see today.

  6. Is Charlie Chaplin's Body Missing Again? New Zealand Chaplin Doodle Is A Mystery

    We like the serendipity of doodles. Google Doodles are done to honor an event - a historical persons birthday such as locomotive engine inventor Richard Trevithick's 240th earlier this week or the 50th anniversary of manned space flight.

  7. Daily SearchCast, June 15, 2006: You Got Digg In My Netscape; When NYT Met SEO; Google's New US Government Search; Searching For Products By Color & More!

    Until then, small businesses have to rely on more informed colleagues and the serendipity of discovering resources online. Tune-in by listening to this MP3 file, listening via WebmasterRadio at 11:30am Eastern and repeated at 2pm Eastern...

  8. Search Headlines & Links: June 14, 2006

    Until then, small businesses have to rely on more informed colleagues and the serendipity of discovering resources online. Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we've spotted but not...