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Sept 16

  1. Daily SearchCast, June 16, 2006: Bill Gates Stepping Back At Microsoft; Eric Schmidt Speaks On Google Issues; Google Gets Dayparting & More!

    Roadshow Copenhagen Sept.rd Schmidt talking on big issues; Yahoo damned over censorship in China (but were six queries a fair test? Riya shifts focus to web image search; makes it easier to see your search results and more!

  2. Daily SearchCast, Sept. 16, 2005: Baidu Sued Over Music Copyright; Microsoft Wants AOL?; Google Guys Do Lunch With Investors; Google Sends "You're Banned" Emails, & More!

    Today's search podcast covers Chinese search leader Baidu sued over music copyright infringement claims, the Google Guys lunching with investors and analysts, another Katrina missing persons search tool, Google for the first time notifying...

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    Jump to articles from Sept. Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization Opens To Members The Search Engine Report, Sept. CounterGoogling, Sept.http://www.trendwatching...