SEO News


  1. Eurex CEO slams European clearing mandate delay

    Preuss, speaking at the World Federation of Exchanges conference in Seoul yesterday, negatively contrasted the speed of US moves with the EU, which intends to start sell-side clearing in early 2015 and is not expected to bring buy-side trades onto...

  2. Japan FSA: cross-border recognition process too slow

    Speaking at the World Federation of Exchanges conference in Seoul today, Kono said that while significant progress has been made in home markets with respect to implementing regulations relating to over-the-counter derivatives clearing and trade...

  3. 6 Ways You Can Put a Little ‘Gangnam Style’ into Video Marketing

    Gangnam style refers to the style of the people living in the Gangnam District of Seoul (much like Beverly Hills). Most video marketers have probably heard of the famous “Gangnam Style” video that, since its release in July 2012, is the most viewed...

  4. The Worldwide Web Just Went Global

    It was at ICANN's October 30 meeting in Seoul, South Korea that ICANN formally agreed the fast track process toward the launch of "internationalized domain names. This is only the first step, but it is an incredibly big one and a historic move...

  5. Asian, Arabic and Russian Characters In Domains Soon: What Does It Mean

    The news was released during a meeting in Seoul on Friday, Reuters reported. ICANN announced it will start allowing domains to be registered using non-Latin characters (English etc.starting Nov. The news is important as it will see the registration...

  6. Sovereign CDSs hit record highs

    Elsewhere, Seoul banks Woori Bank and Shinhan Bank saw CDSs climb to 493.7bp and 474.2bp from 458.3bp and 440.4bp respectively as the South Korean government prepares to launch a bank recapitalisation fund.

  7. Korean manufacturers lack derivatives standards - KRX

    Yet 72.7% have no internal operational standards or limits for using such instruments, according to a survey published in December by the Seoul-based Korea Exchange (KRX). News Half of South Korea's manufacturers feel they get "satisfactory or...

  8. On the move

    Nick Johnson has left his role as Seoul-based branch manager of SG Securities, Societe Generale's South Korean branch, to become Europe head of the bank's new security and anti-fraud (Safe) department in Paris.

  9. Stripping out forex

    Our hedging needs are quite simple, so we use our internal capacity for that hedging," says DH Kwag, Seoul-based head of the global investment division at the National Pension Service (NPS), South Korea's state pension fund.