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Seo Works Snake Oil

  1. SearchDay | Marketing your SMB with Time & Elbow Grease

    Ignorance: The Trouble with People Who Claim SEO is Snake Oil SEW EXPERTS: AU NATURAL URL structure makes a difference in SEO, but it's just one of many things! From what I can tell, writing an "interesting" and "provocative" column about SEO...

  2. Standards? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Standards!

    Now, I'm not naÔï¿Â½Ã”¯ve to the snake oil salesmen within SEO, and I've written on how to tell these fast-talkers apart from truly ethical shops. SEO standards, in a way, would be tying the hands of a lot of shrewd thinkers, and with SEO subject...

  3. The Search Engine Update, March 18, 2003, Number 145

    This definitive guide to search engine optimization and marketing offers solid fundamental advice for creating search engine friendly sites, at the same time debunking myths and snake oil "techniques" that can bedevil the unwary webmaster.