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  1. SEO Fined More Than Site Owner of Counterfeit Merchandise Site

    This appears to be the first case where jurors found the internet service provider liable for contributory infringement of the copyright laws. Warning to all SEO consultants: you better read the copy you're working on and understand if it's...

  2. Covario Acquires SEO Solutions Firm, Netconcepts

    Enterprise search software provider Covario has announced the acquisition of Netconcepts, a search engine optimization consultancy. The newly merged company will have 100 clients, offering a powerful, integrated system for implementing SEM and SEO...

  3. What You Need to Know Before Committing to SEO

    To help you to better organize this process, here are some questions you should ask yourself and your SEO provider (in-house or outsourced) so that you can set the table for success. For small business owners who are short on time and looking to...

  4. Who Audits the Auditor?

    For most companies, hiring a SEO firm or an in-house provider is a daunting task. Try to put yourself in the SEO firm's shoes: You're being given a great lead. Let's get back to the SEO audit that you might get from another SEO firm.