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  1. Last-Minute SEO - Here Come the Holidays!

    Ethically it is a non-issue; it is only unethical if someone practices black-hat techniques without the site owner knowing those techniques were used. Find an e-zine where you can write an article, go to networking events in your community, do...

  2. SEO Strategies for JavaScript-Heavy Single Page Applications or AJAX Sites

    As the hashtag part of a URL is visible to the local browser but not the server, standard bot indexing practices that follow links fail in the absence of a sophisticated emulation of the JavaScript logic by the indexing robot.

  3. Nuances of Spanish Language Search Marketing

    Knowing each market thoroughly is important for best practices when marketing to these countries. In the community of Murcia, in southeast Spain, the form Murcian is spoken. A best practice for multilingual SEO is the use of canonical URL tags.

  4. Matt Cutts Says 'Stop' Guest Blogging for SEO: Here's Everything You Need to Know

    Unfortunately, it's hard to reach and educate website owners who aren't involved in the SEO community – as we clearly saw with the number of site owners receiving warnings for unnatural linking penalties due to practices they had no idea went...

  5. Google Penguin Got You Down? Work on Customer Service

    However, this is perhaps the worst time to expect absolute certainty as the dust needs to settle and new best practices emerge. It follows logically that the period directly after an algorithm update is an excellent time for small businesses to...