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  1. On International Women's Day, Marketers Share Challenges & Reasons to Celebrate

    International Women’s Day is a good opportunity for all of us to reflect on how we impact the world as women search leaders. For all these reasons and more, it’s important to celebrate the women who fought for women’s equality on International...

  2. SEMPO Tells Government: Don't Censor Search Engines

    When governments have tried to regulate Internet access, the results have been unpopular, relatively unsuccessful, and have led to international uproars about censorship. How can a government agency possibly know what information an individual...

  3. Search News & Headlines Around the Web - May 4, 2011

    International Search China sets up agency to tighten grip on Internet - Reuters Hyperlinked Headlines May Hurt Your Google News SEO - Search Engine Roundtable How Concatenation Schemas Can Make Large Site SEO a Small Task - Search Engine Guide

  4. Search Week in Review for Oct. 30, 2010

    International Search Getting Ready for the Holidays with YouTube - AdWords Agency Blog The Expertise of Google Custom Search Engines vs.the Wisdom of Crowds - SEO by the Sea The Search Industry Could Google Acquisition of ITA Kill Online Travel...