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  1. Social Media ROI: 14 Formulas to Measure Social Media Benefits

    Social SEO Improved Search Rank 5. Advertising Value - Social SEO Improved Search Rank: reviews, photos, or comments influencing search rank) GOAL: Drive More Web Traffic new organic search CTR − _____% old organic search CTR...

  2. Stop In-House SEO Disasters Now!

    According to many of the experts I spoke with, said brother-in-law is so poorly equipped to handle anything search related, he often causes nearly irreparable damage with his "advice," and the in-house SEO practitioner spends more time doing...

  3. Go to Search Marketing Salon SF Launch Party

    Wear your favorite hat.because if there's one thing SES has proved over the years: the industry boasts Awesomely Bad SEO Celeb Fashion. In NYC, we had over 100 attendees at the SEMPO SEO Meetup last month.

  4. Search and the Law: Attorney Deborah Wilcox

    Link Building Strategy Options for 2007 and 2008, SEO-space Give us some predictions (not to be used for legal advice): What do you believe is the biggest legal issue right now relating to the search industry and search marketers, and where do you...