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  1. 10 Quick Paid Search Copy Tips to Improve Your Click-Through Rates

    This one may not make sense for every advertiser, but certain brands may greatly benefit from using the designation "official” in their ad copy, especially if you are trying to distinguish yourself from knockoffs and affiliates (although Google...

  2. Stop! Before You Fire Anyone, Try These Proven Tips for Handling Difficult SEO Clients

    If you sense distrust or a lack of confidence in the proposed strategy, dig deeper and ask questions to understand why. We’ve all been there at some point or another in our SEO careers. Struggling with those oh-so-very-special clients who wreak...

  3. Are Scholarship Links Considered Unnatural by Google?

    Does the scholarship make sense? Would it make sense to create a scholarship for veterinary students on my site selling children’s toys? But, in reality, this doesn’t make sense. Only offer a scholarship if it really makes sense to do so.

  4. 5 AdWords Optimization Checkpoints You May Be Missing

    However, after you have certain amount of conversion data, it may make the most sense to optimize to ads that convert the best. Some of these are not so obvious because they tend to be buried in the account or set up at an earlier in time with...

  5. Nationwide: ABS markets need more than warm words

    "There does seem to be this sense in which covered bonds are innocent until proven guilty" There does seem to be this sense in which covered bonds are innocent until proven guilty and securitisation is the opposite," says Townsend.

  6. US bilateral margin rules: a hit parade of horrors

    It doesn't make sense," says one regulatory expert. To me, that is the one part of the proposal that doesn't seem to make a lot of sense," says Sutherland's Davis. Rules requiring margin to be exchanged on non-cleared swaps have been in the works...

  7. Writing Your Way to the Top of Search and Social Results

    Hmmm…makes sense now that newswire services such as PRNewswire recommended word count is around 400 words. Search and social media writing - we’ve come a long way in the past 10 years. Hiring nameless, faceless, anonymous writers from underground...

  8. Cutting edge intro: Righting wrong-way risk

    Its modelling inherently suffers from data shortages because default or near-default events – which form key inputs – are too few to form a reasonable sample size, and heavy assumptions are required to make sense of the data.

  9. The secrets of successful energy trading firms

    Using derivatives markets behind that made a lot of sense," says Paul Newman, London-based chairman of Icap Energy, who started the interdealer broker's energy division in the early 1990s. Training programmes, innovation and risk-taking among top...

  10. Conflict of interest: banks call for unity on Eonia

    The chief risk officer of one large hedge fund says it would only make sense if a bank had managed to build up an enormous collateral balance. Three different banks, three different answers: yes, says one senior rates trader, his bank will be paying.

  11. UK markets review focuses on FICC structure and conduct

    London represents a significant share of these markets, and it makes no sense for us to make changes here without co-ordinating with international counterparts," she said. Fair and Effective Markets Review highlights causes of FICC market misconduct