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  1. Yahoo CEO Bartz Survives the 2011 Shareholder Meeting

    Terry Semel received a similar vote of confidence in the 2007 shareholder meeting, but was ousted a week later. Bringing Carol Bartz on board as Yahoo's CEO in 2009 was meant to be part of a major turnaround for the company, but Yahoo's market...

  2. Will Jackson Record Visits Change Bartz Attitude To Entertainment Stories?

    The last two annual shareholders meetings saw the stepdown of both CEOs at the time, Terry Semel in 2007 and Jerry Wang last year. During the Yahoo stockholders meeting which included yodelers, Regis Phelbin and a statement from CEO Carol Bartz "If...

  3. Yahoo's Next Move

    Say what you will about Terry Semel, but he had the chops to get people going. Jerry's Yang's announced departure from the helm at Yahoo has inspired quite a bit more speculation than the last round of search-inspired hijinks.

  4. Even Semel's Daughter Prefers Google

    An interesting story about former Yahoo CEO Terry Semel's daughter who is being sued for an alleged assault - she asked "don't you know who I am? County Superior Court, Jaroslaw Jarczok claims he was working security last August at 4:00 AM at PURE...

  5. Google's Path to Domination

    Terry Semel, Yahoo's chief executive at the time, planned to integrate all of its assets vertically and turn the focus back to the core business of search. Strike that. Everything I save has some kind of meaning, I just forget what that meaning is...

  6. Yahoo Board, Sans Semel, to Consider Microsoft Bid

    Not surprisingly, the board will be doing so without the input of former CEO and chairman Terry Semel, who stepped down as chairman last night. Semel's departure may bode well for a potential Microsoft deal, since he's been vocal in his disdain for...

  7. Paid Search Advertising Drives Microsoft Bid for Yahoo

    The Redmond giant finally went public with a formal buyout offer because the Yahoo board (sans Semel) won't fight back. Terry Semel's resignation from the Yahoo board last night removes the last vestiges of his controversial reign as Yahoo's chief.

  8. What's Next for Terry Semel?

    When Terry Semel joined Yahoo as chairman and CEO in May 2001, he left behind the investment firm he started, Windsor Media. According to a report from, Semel is reviving that company, after losing his job as CEO in June 2007.