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Self Service

  1. The Content Hack That Will Unlock 100 Years of Journalistic Tips for Your Digital Strategy

    While the title may appear to be about fitness, it’s really designed for "self improvement" and these are the key areas they cover: The editorial and marketing teams there know their audience inside and out and have a well-drilled plan to ensure...

  2. SEO Website Audits: Everything You Need to Know Part II

    The level of detail is based on the tools used, but a detailed (every URL) report from Screaming Frog is a much better action point than say a list of the top pages report from a self-reporting tool. While there are legitimate and even legitimately...

  3. Social Advertising Revenues Forecast to Grow 31% in 2014

    But now that they are public, a significant amount of their manpower is dedicated to building a self-service media buying interface. Marketers will also need to be able to tie things like customer retention and customer service to their efforts.