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Self Centered

  1. Content Conundrum: The Vanity vs. Performance Dilemma

    However, if your sole purpose in producing content is based on vanity metrics, then this egotism can be viewed as self-centered, arrogant, and result in narcissism. Then I read it, see it's thin content and serves no real purpose other than self...

  2. SEO Techniques for Large Sites: How to Maximize Product Visibility in Organic Search

    Our methods for handling it typically employ ‘noindex, follow’ on paginated URLs (2, 3, 4, etc), and no use of rel canonical except to self-reference in cases of duplicate URLs; certainly, no use of rel canonical to reference page 1, since that...

  3. Get Links Now: Make a Difference, Make Connections

    He has his own self-centered, egotistical ambitions to worry about. Don't forget that the people on the other end of the link requests are completely self-absorbed and centered on their own desires and goals.

  4. Yahoo Reorg In Full Effect: Advertiser and Publisher Group Changes

    This group will work with both direct sales (Direct Sales Channel) and self-service online advertisers (Online Channel). The group will be centered around three functions: Back in December, Yahoo announced a sweeping reorganization that created...

  5. Search Marketing's About People and Principles, Not Just Algorithms, Part 1

    As much as the news organization tried to present the "facts," the plumes of smoke in Clooney's movie symbolize the lingering potential for bias, and the hazy but not invisible pressures to self-censor controversial views.