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  1. How to Avoid Mobile Ranking Pitfalls by Assessing Mobile Engagement

    By establishing your own benchmarks in how mobile is performing when compared to desktop, then further categorizing by page type and segmenting smartphone and tablet traffic, outliers give us clear clues into any issues that exist on a particular...

  2. How Personalizing Websites With Dynamic Content Increases Engagement

    Once marketers began segmenting based on interests, personas, industries, etc.and customized their efforts to a particular list, performance improved dramatically. Updating your site with new content isn't enough to successfully drive web sales.

  3. Global Mobile Advertising Opportunities: Brazil. Russia, India & China

    Specifics of segmenting users can become as refined as targeting passengers at the airport waiting for a delayed flight. Brazil and Russia will be among the front-runners of this growing industry, as technology advances and large emerging economies...

  4. 16 Secret Google Analytics Advanced Segments Worth Their Weight in Gold

    Check out John's work on segments to learn more about segmenting search and social. Analyzing your website data with Google Analytics is much like mining for gold. Advanced prospectors profit because they know where to look to find the nuggets...

  5. 5 Ways to Localize Social to Boost Relevance and Exposure

    If a multi-location brand has already created pages for each of its locations and set up the “Locations” relationship on Facebook, it can still benefit from using this strategy to further target the messages it sends out by segmenting according to...

  6. Social Media Competitive Analysis: A Lesson from the Fashion Industry

    Dig deeper for content insights: Although the tools can show you what the top most engaging posts were for an industry (or industry segment), you can take this a step further by segmenting the content by topic/category.