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  1. How Personalizing Websites With Dynamic Content Increases Engagement

    Segmentation changed all that. This bodes well for segmentation and personalized content on your website. Demographics and Psychographic Segmentation: Characteristics about the individual, including name, phone, and email address as well as...

  2. Click to Call, Cross-Device Conversions Deliver AdWords Revenue Lift for 1-800-Flowers

    Understand the segmentation of your traffic. In fact, research from Google indicates 70 percent of mobile searchers said they click to call businesses from the search results. And nearly half of those surveyed said the lack of a call option would...

  3. 10 Google Analytics Advanced Segments That Reveal Search & Social ROI

    The new multi-channel segmentation capabilities are best demonstrated by looking at some common scenarios in search and social media campaigns. This is a shame considering real-time analytics is eye candy while segmentation can be business-changing.

  4. Searcher Personas: A Case for User-Centric SEO

    Meanwhile, user segmentation was introduced to Google Analytics, giving marketers the ability to perform cohort analysis. It wasn't so long ago that, when educating the uninitiated on the SEO process from the bottom up, we would explain that...

  5. Organic Search Noticeably Absent From Google Analytics 2013 Summit

    However, in the spirit of making data available to the entire organization, the new 'Audience Overview' user interface provides segmentation of data the way users want to see it and the ability to drill deeper into audience reports.

  6. Facebook Organic and Paid Posts With Photos Get Most Clicks, Engagement [Study]

    Apply the "art of segmentation" as Facebook enables remarkable targeting. ShopIgniter released findings of research that showed Facebook posts with photos received the highest click-throughs in organic and the most engagement on the paid side...

  7. Google Webmaster Tools Search Query Data is Accurate (and Valuable)

    In an oddly similar worded article written back in March of 2012, I showed how it was possible with careful segmentation of Google Analytics and GWT data, to recover "(not provided)" data. There is a widespread belief within the SEO industry that...

  8. 5 Google Dynamic Remarketing Ads Best Practices

    Google Dynamic Remarketing Visitor Segmentation Google transformed the face of retargeting for online businesses this June with the release of Google Dynamic Remarketing, making retargeting specific to user search available to retailers of all sizes.