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  1. 5 New Website Vulnerabilities Straight from Black Hat & DEF CON

    As the power of computers becomes exponentially greater, as cloud and the power of cluster systems such as Hadoop come online for ease of public use the power of a single attacker becomes that of 1,000 or even 10,000 bot machines or humans.

  2. Search Marketing & the Fine Art of Nexting

    With a video or photos of women taking martial arts classes, or throwing an attacker, or sticking their fingers into some bad guy’s eyes or throat. The only thing that surprised me were the police officers (in the left header and the body top right...

  3. 5 Black Hat Attack Vulnerabilities & Defensive Strategies

    An attacker can put their Social Security number on your site with a number of these techniques and report to Google that your top ranked page has personal data on it. Give an attacker JavaScript access and they have almost everything they need to...

  4. Black Hat SEO: Killing Your Competition With Google

    It would then be quite easy for the attacker to report your website, claim they have attempted to contact you and before you know it your hosting provider has shut down your service or Google has deindexed your content.