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Section 508 Compliance

  1. SEO & Website Redesign: Relaunching Without Losing Sleep

    Take advantage of this period to address code issues and how your site adheres to W3C and Section 508 compliance factors. W3C/Section 508/Code Validation SEO Redesign: Teamwork First It should go without saying, but SEOs, developers and designers...

  2. Don't Hire a Butcher to do a Baker's Job - Part 2

    If you operate an e-commerce Web site, remember Section 508 compliance. Needless to say, it generated quite a bit of interest among readers. Many firms have added SEO to their service offerings while having few -- if any -- actual SEOs on staff.

  3. Compliance Continued: Creating Internal Links for Organic Success

    Part of achieving Section 508 compliance is making sure that you are linking to your pages using keywords within the anchor text to describe the destination page. In my last column , I addressed Section 508 compliance.

  4. It Pays to Play by the Rules - Compliance, Accessibility and SEO

    By using semantic markup and following W3C Compliance, you're also building Web sites that use significantly less code, are smaller in file size, and are therefore both easy to crawl and friendly to a search engine's cache.

  5. A Plea to Stop Treating SEO as an Afterthought

    Go a step further and check your site for accessibility (Section 508 compliance). Use the W3C compliance html validator. It is my hope that this article will save many companies some frustration and help them launch their sites without some of the...

  6. Special Search Tools & Products Issue

    The new version of Inktomi's search software (formerly Ultraseek) indexes databases via Oracle connector or ODBC, and includes more features for Japanese and Korean languages, updates to file format filters including double-byte PDF 1.2 files...