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Searches Google Conducted Billion

  1. Video, Journalists & PR: 3 Keys to Local Small Business Marketing #Pubcon

    You Tube is the second largest site where searches are conducted and just crossed the threshold of having over 1 billion users and offers a world of opportunity for marketing a small business. From there they can share the videos on their websites...

  2. Insights From 7th Graders About Google, Smartphones, Panda, Privacy & Paid Search

    I also never knew that Google was responsible for close to 70% of all searches. I also never knew that 17 billion searches were conducted on the web every month in the United States. I also thought it was cool that about 17 billion searches were...

  3. Note to FTC: Google Satisfies Information Needs Way More Than Shopping Needs

    And to place something else into perspective, of the 100 billion searches conducted on Google every month, just how many of those are “informational queries” compared to commercially related, or actual “shopping” queries?