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Searches Conducted Qsearch

  1. .Fox Networks and comScore Unveil Research About Branding Impact of Online Advertising

    By comparison, Americans conducted 15.2 billion core searches that month, according to comScore qSearch. That's right, Americans watched more than twice as many videos as they conducted searches. Last week, .Fox Networks (pronounced "dot-fox") and...

  2. 125.5 Million Americans Watched 10.3 Billion YouTube Videos in September

    According to comScore qSearch, Americans conducted 13.8 billion core searches in September 2009. According to comScore qSearch, there were 21.3 billion expanded search queries conducted in September. There were almost 9 billion core searches...

  3. Is YouTube about to pass Yahoo in expanded searches?

    And here's what comScore qSearch 2.0 found: billion expanded search queries were conducted at Google in June; billion expanded search queries were conducted at Yahoo that month; billion expanded search queries were conducted at YouTube and other...

  4. U.S. Core Search Rankings, February 2008

    ComScore's QSearch data are based on an opt-in global panel of over 2 million consumers. In Febuary, nearly 10 billion "core" searches were conducted in the U.S.which accounts for a 6 percent decline from January search activity.