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Searchers Search Users Blended Results

  1. Visually Impaired Search

    Of course, more relevant images means better search for everyone, so searchers win while Google creates yet another way to help build its financial empire. Several research studies have indicated users spend twice (or more) the amount of time with...

  2. Blended Search Increases Your Visibility - Jupiter Research

    The study also revealed where searchers click: of search engine users click results on the first page review more than the first three pages prior to clicking on a result Many marketers have thought that since searchers don't pay that much...

  3. Think Universal, Act Local

    Reserve online/pickup in-store functionality is another tracking possibility that's gaining awareness among searchers. This number could grow as users learn to include geographic modifiers in local queries, and Google improves its ability to...

  4. Blended Search Results Change Searcher Behavior

    At Search Engine Strategies New York last month, comScore revealed exclusive universal search data that showed many more searchers than expected are seeing blended search results. This week, search marketing firm iProspect came out with more...

  5. Search Within a Search: Where's it Leading?

    Search results pages are changing from direct response mechanisms to interim destinations with (among other things) new technologies that allow searchers to view news, video, and product results in their search results.

  6. Uncovering the Real Universal Search

    It's beginning to look like Universal search is changing the way searchers interact with search results, and with ads.comScore's findings support the assertion that the search result page is transforming from a directional guide to a destination.

  7. Search Engine Results Pages Turn Into Destinations

    Search engine result pages are evolving into destinations as searchers find what they are looking for on these pages. Data are derived from comScore's MegaPanel and qSearch reports.comScore collects data from an opt in panel of Internet