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  1. Yahoo Fine Tuning Panama Tools, Launches Campaign Tune Up and More

    Yahoo has announced some tweaks to the Panama paid search product including campaign tune up tools. For our next tweak, we updated the system so that more of your preferences are remembered. The Yahoo Search Marketing blog reported the changes today.

  2. Yahoo Europe Beta Testing PPC Quality Score Ranking

    I just received an email letting me know that Yahoo Panama is starting to beta test the Quality Score rankings in Europe. We have begun upgrading advertisers to the new system and will continue to do so in waves to ensure a smooth transition to the...

  3. Yahoo and PayPal Join To Challenge Google Checkout

    s new search marketing platform (Project Panama). Joining with PayPal, Yahoo will offer an express check system that can be seen as a solid challenge to the Google alternative. Merchant Solutions customers using PayPal Express will receive six...

  4. Paid Search Advertising: Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing & Microsoft adCenter

    Yahoo Panama brings YSM's ranking algorithm for paid ads more in line with Google by considering additional variables such as click-through-rate and landing page quality. Up until the recent "Panama" improvement, YSM ranked sponsored listings based...