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  1. Writing Your Way to the Top of Search and Social Results

    After all, don’t we want to influence the quantity and quality of traffic to a website or blog from search and social? Search and social media writing - we’ve come a long way in the past 10 years. Search and social experimental writing is history.

  2. Can Groupon Break Into the Search Market?

    In an effort to move beyond your inbox, discount aggregator Groupon recently unveiled Pages, a directory of more than 7 million businesses full of information such as phone numbers, hours of operation, menus, and website URLs.

  3. Scaling SEO Across Your Enterprise Business – The Human Element

    Alternatively, you might approach an audit with specific search engine algorithms in mind like Panda or Penguin to attack first what could be the most detrimental threat to your website. You might have multiple workflow processes for different...

  4. The Votes Are In: Bing, Internet Explorer, & CNN Partner for 2014 Elections

    Apparently, the wall has received a significant upgrade and CNN in partnership with Internet Explorer has launched a website that can be used in unison with broadcasts. The website allows users to explore segments of different hot topics such as...

  5. Search Engine Marketing Checklist for Hotel Marketers

    A hotel booking engine website should always have three major page types and they normally serve well as landing pages for both paid search campaigns and search engine optimization campaigns: For the China market, setup Baidu’s Analytics tool on...

  6. 8 Lessons Learned From Owning a Search Agency for 15 Years

    Reality eventually hit, and most of them realized they needed to market their website in order to make money. I’m writing this post to share some of the lessons and mistakes I learned from owning a search agency for more than 15 years.

  7. How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy From Your Existing SEO Content

    With this strategy, the same content not only increases your website’s search visibility, but also increases its social visibility, resulting in increased traffic to your organization’s website. While content written for SEO purposes is intended to...