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  1. Daily SearchCast, Dec. 20, 2005: Google & AOL Doing A Deal; Graphical Ads Coming To Google; Japan May Fund Its Own Search Engine; Create Your Own Yahoo Shortcuts; Google Book Search Rises In Usage

    Ask Jeeves Holiday Goodies, Pages, and Info from a Few of the Major Engines Today's search podcast covers Google and AOL looking to renew their partnership vows leaving Microsoft in the cold; AOL's wedding gift to Google being new graphics ads...

  2. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    Its Official: Jeeves PPC Search Engine Watch Forums AJ [Ask Jeeves” is far from a copycat company, in my opinion. The goal is to get to an overall standard for all the major search engines to use. Search Engines Really Are Different Cre8asite Forums

  3. How Americans Search

    The study also affirmed data from the major measurement services, showing Google as the most popular search engine, followed by Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Ask Jeeves. For Ask Jeeves and MSN users, searching for health information is the most popular...