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  1. How to Use a Military Concept to Manage SEO in a Data-Scarcity Reality

    This new reality might warrant additional changes and adjustments but it might also be the projected result. Target audience: Personas, keyword search volume, trends, news. Search engines: Changes to algorithm, updates, SERP updates, market share.

  2. Is Google Sucking the Life Out of Your Identity? Are They Alone?

    The Justice Department certainly hasn't been bashful about asking various search engines and social media platforms to share privileged data before – even without a warrant. I talked about how Google+ provided a hub by which users could be tied to...

  3. International SEO Gone Wrong: 7 Assumptions Can Ruin Your Program

    Domestically, mobile search may not be a significant enough market to warrant investment, but if you’re expanding to India you had better consider mobile phones in your program. Is the official language of a country its dominant language in search?

  4. Why & How Google Hands Over Users' Data to Governments

    Drummond explained that when Google is able to, it notifies users that someone has come knocking for their information – whether it's search query history, Gmail messages, documents, photos, or YouTube videos – giving them time to prepare a legal...

  5. Google Transparency Report Adds Details on Subpoenas, Search Warrants, Court Orders

    One has to speculate that if those data warrant their own report, those requests may have increased by double-digit percentages as well. The new data includes a breakdown of requests such as subpoenas or search warrants, and a breakdown of data...