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  1. Bing Adds Pop-Up Child Abuse Warnings to UK Searchers

    A link to help and advice, including a reporting tool, is also offered. Microsoft is the first search engine to add the sort of feature that the UK government has suggested will be a good way to protect children online.

  2. Link Prospector's Guide to the InAnchor Search Operator

    Then I used this tool to compare the domains that were returned. At the prompting of a colleague I recently began experimenting with the "inanchor" advanced search operator for link prospecting. So a search for [mountain bike inanchor:best] would...

  3. Adding Negatives: How to Filter Out Bad Paid Search Clicks & Prospects

    Keyword Research Tool – Rather than just accept the list of negatives or search queries you have, run them through your favorite keyword research tool to come up with synonyms and related terms. The most commonly underused tool in negatives is...

  4. The Agency's Guide to Building Links and Expertise with Guest Placement Campaigns

    Also, take a pass at your audience keywords with this suggestion scraper tool. Copy and paste the title of a 2-week-old article and search for it in quotes. Guest placement campaigns for link and expertise building require perseverance, remarkable...