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  1. Government SEO is Broken

    Capable SEO, digital agencies, and technology consultants that understand the issues and approaches to implementing enterprise SEO are well positioned to sell in this crucial service to federal, state, and local governments.

  2. So Far, Twitter Falters On The Political Front

    Barack has set clear goal of NN and an open Internet: (Jun 22 18:18:10) Finally, a search mechanism is conspicuously missing in action. JSM warns "caution" ( ) abt the gov't...

  3. 500 Reasons the Travel Search Industry is About to Explode

    This suggests to me, that in spite of the age and size of more established brands and domains, there are still major opportunities awaiting those who engage in developing new, search engine friendly technology, scalable across a wide range of...

  4. Daily SearchCast, June 6, 2006: Yahoo MyWeb Gets New Look, More Features; Google Spreadsheets Want Your Tabular Data; The ODP Rigs The Alaskan Governor Election On Google; Baidu's Kickin' Commercial

    Eric Goldman at his Technology use patterns that would show that the site has "participated" in the program. Today's search podcast covers Yahoo's revamped MyWeb bookmarking service; IBM aims to improve text search by preprocessing and maintaining...

  5. Google AdSense For Domains Program Overdue For Reform -- And Yahoo & Microsoft Should Also Take Note

    The way it works, is our system uses powerful semantic technology to dynamically analyze a domain name and match its meaning with ads and related searches that are related to the domain name subject. Complaint On Yahoo PPC On Placeholder Sites is...