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Search Spam Multiple Domains

  1. Why 7 Search Results in Google Should be Your Brand New Lucky Number

    Although we haven’t completely figured out what’s going on here, it seems to support the theory that Google is actually looking at multiple sources and trying to use as many verified data signals as it can to leverage brand results and surface...

  2. Panda DNA: Algorithm Tests on the Google Panda Update

    By gradually increasing the amount of textual spam (combining all types we could think of), we wanted to find out when certain domains would be affected and in which manner. We tried to apply the same degree of spam to all domains at the same time.

  3. Search Engine Algorithm Research & Testing

    Domain based: Domains provide patterns on a larger scale and hold a certain amount of trust. Signals so far show a ranking difference within specific query types of specific domains. The detection of spam either makes certain efforts less effective...