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Search Software Company Principles

  1. Real Names: Google+, Government & The Identity Ecosystem

    Google thinks the freedom of expression is most important value to uphold on the internet… We concluded in the end that it is impossible to provide benefits to internet users while observing this country’s law because the law does not fall in line...

  2. Personalized e-Commerce Sites Can Increase Conversions by 70%

    The software essentially takes the driving principles of building rapport in the offline world to the online realm. Instead, new technologies rely on expert systems based on time-tested principles of behavioral psychology and psychological...

  3. Awesome Ad Groups: Small is Good

    Though I'll use B2C terminology here, realize that these principles apply equally to searchers whose needs/desires are satisfied by B2B products and services: most people go through several "search steps" before making a final decision:

  4. SearchDay: What Can TV Learn from Search?

    He breaks down a bunch of best practices principles to three main steps: Optimize, Navigate and Track. News from the Search Engine Watch Blog iPhone Applications That Accelerate Mobile Search Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 11, 2008 Apple is...

  5. Lotus Alumni Are Impacting Search

    The Lotus operating principles helped turn a company that was founded in April 1982 with eight employees and $1 million in venture capital into the biggest independent software firm. After the company's fall, these operating principles were among...

  6. Google CEO Maps Missions, Stays on Message

    Ultimately the principles are what are important. Schmidt referred to the growth of advertising-supported models, but this seemed to overlook the development of newer-generation for-fee software that also doesn't bet against the Internet...

  7. Daily SearchCast, July 5, 2006: Google's Ranking Criteria Categories Exposed?; Lawsuit Over Rankings Might Go Ahead; Google's Not-So-Killer Products; Windows Live Local Click-To-Call & More!

    The Washington Post reports that Google has warned the United States, that if telecoms abuse net neutrality principles it backs, through a new law that might go through, it could consider an anti-trust action.