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  1. Search Top Priority Among SMBs [Study]

    According to the survey responses, search and PPC are the dominating priority with 60.6 percent of the results. The results of the survey show that for 2015, these SMBs view search marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising as top priorities.

  2. Target Adds Product Search to App in Time for Black Friday

    This year, Target has made the whole process much easier with the release of new features on its mobile app, including product inventory search. The app is powered by Point Inside, which unifies data across Target's 1,801 stores to provide search...

  3. 3 Lessons Social Advertisers Can Learn From Search Marketing

    Search marketers could learn a thing or two from social gurus, too. With the festive shopping season getting into full swing, search marketers have been busy concatenating keywords, developing negatives, and keeping a watchful eye on the competition.

  4. How Can SEOs Sell "Shiny, Sexy" Search?

    At the panel, Kevin Ryan, chief executive (CEO) of Motivity Marketing, explained that "A lot of clients don’t want to talk about search" because, while marketers often see the potential in trying new strategies across social, search sometimes gets...

  5. Using Analytical Analysis to Help Improve Conversions

    For example, you may have seen an organic sales slide in the last few months and never realized that paid search is a channel that serves as a first touch point with the site and they return days later via organic.