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  1. Local Search Part 5: Citysearch Brings Local To Searchers & Merchants

    A longer version of this article for Search Engine Watch members looks at how Citysearch ranks editorial content, offers thoughts on BellSouth's new submission product, explores how Citysearch reaches out to offline local merchants and provides...

  2. How Inktomi Works

    Submission Changes At MSN Search, 12/98 A rough range of "list" pricing can be found on the Crawler Submission Chart. Submission of identical pages in an effort to dominate the top results. Inktomi Gets European Submission Partner, 2/01

  3. How LookSmart Works

    If your site is not accepted, LookSmart retains the submission fee. Submission Preparation: Good Title & Description If you try, the system is supposed to prevent the submission. Submission Form The LookListings submission form asks for five key...