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  1. 5 SEM Spying Strategies You Can Use Today to Generate More Profit

    If we look at the more competitive keyword, "Search Marketing Agency" I can evaluate the top competitors, how many keywords they are using and the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) to determine which keywords are working for them.

  2. Yandex & Google: A Big Change for Russia's Display Ad Market

    Agency trading desks: Manages programmatic, bid-based media and audience buying. Currently, what is trending is the heightened popularity of data management capabilities on the demand side, best-value selling opportunities on the supply side, and...

  3. 4 Critical Elements of a Successful Content Marketing Team

    If you're considering hiring an agency for a content marketing effort and trying to determine if it's worth the cost, it quickly becomes clear why this may be a worthwhile investment after all. If your company is planning to hire an agency, this...

  4. U.S. Holiday Trends & Forecast: Top Shopping Days, Hot Searches, Mobile Shoppers

    According to The Search Agency's mobile experience scoring system, the top retailers are not always the leading mobile experience providers: Coming in dead last out of 100, Apple's mobile experience is lackluster when measured against factors in...

  5. How to Hire (and Keep) Digital Marketing Talent in 2014

    Conducting performance reviews two times a year is a best practice for an agency or marketing department to follow," said Mitchell, former Search Marketing Practice Lead at Digitas. We see far too many people want to get into social media, but have...

  6. SEMPO State of Search Survey: Weigh In, Get the Report, Win an iPad 3

    Now in its ninth year, the survey asks in-house, agency, and consultant professionals in digital marketing to weigh in on the current climate of web marketing. The survey will cover usual areas like budgets for digital marketing, common objectives...

  7. How to Make Your Keywords Fit Your Marketing Messaging

    My digital agency is rebranding, which means a new website, new logo, new target audience and new marketing messaging. For example, "web design company" has much more traffic but "web design agency" brings up a higher quality of businesses.