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Search Server Crawl Rate

  1. Top Google Website Optimization Resources

    The SEO Starter Guide is filled with Google's advice on best practices to make it easier for search engines to crawl, index, and understand your content. The Crawl Errors report is is one of my favorites offered in Google Webmaster Tools.

  2. The Search Engine Update, April 15, 2003, Number 147

    Help LookSmart Crawl the Web SearchDay, Apr. How to make dynamic URLs search engine friendly using the Apache web server's mod_rewrite command.

  3. The Search Engine Report - April 2, 2003 Number 77

    Infoseek's technology last operated to crawl the web back in January 2001 -- and even then, the technology was dated. If you don't configure your web server correctly, Google -- and any other search engine -- might index pages that allow people to...