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  1. How to Dominate the Entire First Page of Google

    Editor's note: This column originally was published on June 3, 2013, and comes in at No.on our countdown of the 10 most read Search Engine Watch columns of 2013. Optimizing key images on your site such as your logos is another great way to take up...

  2. The Google+ Controversy & Virtual Worlds – A Question Of Identity

    Last Friday afternoon, I had a short exchange on Twitter with Ciaran Laval, in which I mentioned I wasn't writing a column because it had been a slow news week and nothing had happened that warranted the usual 1,500 or so words I type in this space.

  3. Google Product Search Insights: The Impact of UPCs on Customer Conversions

    Add UPCs to the GTIN column in your Google Shopping feed and you’re all set The impact of adding UPCs to your shopping feed depends on whether you’re price competitive, your number of products, and how Google currently organizes your products in...