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  1. Your Guide to Structured Snippets for SEO

    Rich snippets, the informational text lines that appear beneath the heading of every search result, recently underwent an upgrade in the form of "structured snippets," a more fact-driven format for certain search queries.

  2. Are Scholarship Links Considered Unnatural by Google?

    When I search for the following, I see many opportunities for a link: This quick search shows me link opportunities from high PR authoritative .edu pages like this:

  3. seoClarity: In Mobile World, Search Result Placement Is Critical to Clicks

    The first ranking result comes in at 27.7 percent CTR, and drops to just 9.2 percent for the second-placed search result. Search engine optimization - and where a website appears in search results - can have a significant impact on click-through...

  4. Search Engine Marketing Checklist for Hotel Marketers

    Ensure all keywords (and/or all the variations) of the top 100 or even the top 1,000 destinations are covered, and pointing to the correct destination hotel search result page as landing pages. Identify and optimize the content of the top 100 pages...

  5. How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy From Your Existing SEO Content

    With this strategy, the same content not only increases your website’s search visibility, but also increases its social visibility, resulting in increased traffic to your organization’s website. In addition to increasing search engine visibility...

  6. Dealing With Onsite Duplicate Content Issues

    The problem of duplicate content arises when there is more than one version of a page indexed by the search engine. Use a "rel=canonical" Tag: Using a "rel=canonical" tag tells search engines which version of the page you want the search engine to...