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  1. How to Use Google Analytics Site Search Reports

    Language Use Globally: Also on the topic of international data, when you have a website specific to another country or language, you will benefit from keeping a close eye on the language used in search queries, as this can help you identify hard...

  2. The Hidden Skill Every PPC Manager Should Possess: Sleuthing

    We thought perhaps search queries had shifted to themes that were less relevant and/or action-orientated. For this particular situation, there were no new, outlandish search queries coming in and generating traffic that wasn't ultimately converting.

  3. 3 Ways Merging Google AdWords & Analytics Can Improve PPC Results

    For example, combine query data with behavior, conversions, social, and more. Matched Search Queries In the left navigation under Acquisition > AdWords > Matched Search Queries, you will find a list of actual search queries that triggered...

  4. Google Webmaster Tools Now Provides More Specific Search Query Data

    No More Rounding of Search Queries Mobile Search Queries Filter To switch between mobile and desktop search queries in Webmaster Tools, simply click on your search queries page, then select the appropriate filter to display the different results...