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  1. SEO in the Age of Apps: Diversifying Your Mobile SEO Strategy

    What's more, Siri totally disregards PPC so if your strategy up until now was heavily paid, you’ll need to relegate more resources to SEO. Search destinations will diversify as well – most brands must focus on apps from the major engines while also...

  2. Most Corporate Social Media Efforts Will Fail

    A social media strategy also helps to get all the key players on the same page, it brings all of your resources together and helps to make sure they are working with each other, rather than operating as separate silos.

  3. comScore Media Metrix Search Engine Ratings

    More Resources This page shows past search engine ratings from Media Metrix that were featured on Search Engine Watch for selected months since 1997. Search Engine Ratings & Reviews See this page for other Search Engine Watch pages that provide...

  4. Seven Recently Published Patent Applications from Microsoft Deal with Computation of Web Page Ranking, Calculating a Docments Importance, and Search Spam Detection and More

    The methods and systems provided herein can be used to produce page rankings in a distributed and/or incremental manner, and can be used to allocate computing resources to processing page rankings for those pages that most demand them.