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  1. Secure Search, Rank & Finding Lost Keyword Traffic: A Conversation with gShift

    Adams pointed me to a post on gShift's blog where they talk more about this, and stated that while Hummingbird is the future of search, and centered on voice search and the mobile era, it's really about lending a certain level of comfort to Google...

  2. 26 Free Must-Have Tools for PPC Success

    I've even used Uber Suggest for blog topic idea generation. It'll show search volume, create ad groups, and provide demographic data – all in Excel. This is a simple, yet often overlooked, way to streamline tracking of ad copy and landing page tests.

  3. 4 Simple Ways to Use Web Analytics for Smarter CRO Testing

    Ask what to write about next on your blog. Don’t be afraid to ask people questions through on-page surveys — you’d be surprised by what you learn from you users! Within minutes, you can ask people if they found what they were looking for on the...

  4. Facebook Custom Audiences: 7 Strategies Marketers Can Start Using Today

    That same marketer could build rapport and reduce churn with existing customers by using Facebook ads to update them on new blog posts, whitepapers, and customer events. Product-Level Retargeting Then, use Facebook advertising to re-engage the...

  5. Conquering Content Marketing, Step 2: The Content (and Plot) Develops

    Maybe record some behind-the-scenes footage for our blog or whatever. Lisa's team wrote on the company's blog almost every day, but it was a ghost town, and the only social activity was from a group of conservative moms who criticized the ads as...

  6. Reverse Engineer Sociology & Influencer Understanding for Outreach Success

    Very quickly you can build a "Private Page" within which you can share in links to a person or brand's Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, blog search, and scores of other feeds. We're not going to beat around the bush here; to really get to know your...

  7. 16 Secret Google Analytics Advanced Segments Worth Their Weight in Gold

    This segment doesn't remove blog traffic, but it does remove folks who landed on your blog (defined as "/blog/" here – modify as required for your blog) and only looked at one page. People who viewed a brand page, but didn't visit your blog

  8. 10 Google Analytics Advanced Segments That Reveal Search & Social ROI

    More and more, a website's blog accounts for anywhere between 10 and 75 percent of the total traffic on a domain, depending on the level of engagement on the blog and other areas of the site. Blog as the First Interaction