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  1. More On Query Refinement, The Human Scale Problem & Creating The Search Dialog

    Yesterday, I wrote of how search engines could do a better job of query refinement and indeed did so in the past, especially because there was more human involvement in the search process. It's no wonder people today may not even realize there...

  2. Google Enhances Desktop Search

    More Testing Of Middle Of The Page Query Refinement At Google. Quick View: Provides access to frequently used web pages and files. Options include being able to search your desktop and Google's Gmail with the Google Deskbar, a floating deskbar, or...

  3. Managing the Firehose of Real-Time Information

    Hopefully PubSub will develop its query refinement tools to help avoid these kinds of false hits. In essence, PubSub combines the real-time benefits of feed aggregation with the retrospective query capabilities offered by web and blog search engines.