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  1. SearchDay | Build a Better Cesspool

    Google Search Options Beginning today, when you search, the results page will show a . Google Launches Search Options, Previews 'Google Squared' Posted by Nathania Johnson May 14, 2009 At today's Searchology press event, Google launched...

  2. Google Wants You! (To Vote for Mobile Product Ideas)

    Google AdWords Launches iPhone and G1 Options (Plus Mobile Marketing Tips from SES! Google Adds Voice Search to iPhone Search Application Have an idea to improve a Google Mobile product? Like the ability to edit Google Docs on the iPhone?

  3. Ten Top Stories from SES Chicago 2008 for Day 1

    Nathania Johnson of Search Engine Watch reported that Google has launched AdWords options that will be visible on the iPhone and G1. The Search Engine Strategies session "Search Industry Update" was an informative session especially if you need to...

  4. SearchDay | Universal Search Should Be a Plus

    We first learned Google was preparing iPhone ad options this past October. As the Web becomes the center of the global village, it may be time to look to it for more than the answers we get from search engines.