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  1. Bing Senior Vice President of Online Audience Business, Yusuf Mehdi, to Deliver Keynote at SES New York 2010

    Strategies is a leading global conference and training series focused on search engine marketing. Microsoft's Bing, is a delivering keynote address at Search Engine Strategies Strategies. Other Incisive resources for interactive marketers include...

  2. Go to SES Berlin or SES Chicago for Nine Trainers Training

    During the past seven weeks, I've shared seven compelling reasons for going to either Search Engine Strategies Berlin or SES Chicago 2009. Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2009 offers SEM training on December 10, the day after the conference.

  3. Dana Todd and Sarah Holoubek on SEMPO at SES NY 2008

    The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) released these findings of the latest survey at SES NY and Dana and Sara presented the top-level findings from the 2007 report during a session at the Search Engine Strategies conference.

  4. Contextual Search Ads: Boon or Bust?

    Even luxury hotel The Four Seasons has played the contextual game with Acronym Media.Don Steele, Director of Digital & Enterprise Marketing for Comedy Central, closed out the session with one of the more comprehensive online search and contextual...