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  1. 5 Brilliant Ways to Use #Hashtags in Social Media Marketing

    Hashtags Adopted as a Marketing Tactic Then we'll look at a few recent examples of brilliant marketing uses of hashtags. During the last State of the Union address (#SOTU), the White House media team prepared content and tested 26 different hashtags.

  2. States Legalize Marijuana, But Google, Facebook, Twitter Just Say No to Pot Ads

    Yet, cannabis dispensaries like the newly-opened ones in Colorado feel they are entitled to these online marketing resources because their products are legal, which thereby equates them with other local businesses.

  3. Using the DMAIC Process for SEO Projects

    Conducting SEO projects involves working in a constantly changing environment, an environment where one of the major search engines rolls out hundreds of changes to it's algorithm every single year. Right after you clearly state the problem, you...

  4. 3 Reasons Why SMBs Should Have a Website-First Marketing Strategy

    If a significant portion of your marketing budget is invested in billboards, television ads, and search marketing campaigns, but you've settled for a poorly designed website, not only is the effectiveness of the overall strategy compromised, but...

  5. SEMPO State of Search Survey: Weigh In, Get the Report, Win an iPad 3

    SEMPO, the search marketing industry's professional organization, is currently conducting its annual "State of Search" survey, open until November 15. The SEMPO State of Search reports offer a thorough look (upwards of 100 pages) at where search...