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  1. Ready to Finally Try SEO?

    Look at some of the marketing salary surveys put out by Marketing Sherpa or SEMPO. That way, after you spend at least $25,000 in recruiting fees on your search, you won't offend a good candidate. One alternative: bring in a seasoned consultant who...

  2. Conversion Rates & The Value Of Outsourcing SEM/SEO

    I recently got my hands on Marketing Sherpa's newly released Landing Page Handbook. One of the things that jumped out at me was a table of conversion rate averages for different marketing tactics. In-house managed PPC Search - 3.84%

  3. We Like ‘Em Both

    Both SEO and SEM are equally effective online tactics, according to nearly 2,500 marketers surveyed by Marketing Sherpa. While that trust in search optimization and marketing is commendable, it supports what we already know about the value of...

  4. Do You Kebberfegg?

    Marketing Sherpa May 3 2006 12:52AM GMT Marketing Sherpa May 3 2006 12:47AM GMT Marketing Sherpa May 3 2006 12:46AM GMT Marketing Sherpa May 3 2006 12:42AM GMT For this search, you might want to get RSS feeds from news search engines...