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  1. SearchDay | Economic Depression 2.0

    For every searcher who uses the app, Yahoo will . Zillow Launches Free Professional Directory Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 2, 2008 Real estate search engine has launched a free professional directory.

  2. Machines In Translation: Do MT Engineers Dream of Selectric Sheep? - Part 3

    Google, in an attempt to uncover a searcher's intentions, poses the helpful question, "Did you mean: punished? So we looked at how people in a business and professional network facilitated my search for where machine translation fits into Google's...

  3. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    Become a Google Power Searcher. There's still no BA in search marketing. Cross linking is not necessarily a bad thing as long as you're not duplicating content and not having two sites simply to trick the engines into ranking both well for the same...