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  1. Are the Brains of Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Sartorially Challenged?

    Now, he's just one of the guys who wears a White Hat at SES Conference & Expo events. Searching for Santa at SES Chicago 2009 However, he made a cameo appearance in "Searching for Santa at SES Chicago 2009," which was also his brainchild.

  2. Go to SES Berlin or SES Chicago for Eight Days A-Learning

    That's why I like interviewing well-traveled people for the SES Conference Expo's channel on YouTube. During the past seven weeks, I've shared seven compelling reasons for going to either Search Engine Strategies Berlin or SES Chicago 2009.

  3. SearchDay | Paid Links: A Black Hat/White Hat Discussion

    Top ten stories from SES Chicago 2008 for Day 3 Posted by Greg Jarboe Dec 11, 2008 Todayâ””s list of top ten stories from SES Chicago 2008 is just a small sample of all the news and commentary thatâ””s coming out of Day 3 of the conference and expo.

  4. Just in time planning for SES Chicago 2008

    SES Chicago is the only major search engine marketing conference and expo in the Midwest. So, attendees of SES Chicago 2008 will need to make some choices about what to attend. But, even I expect to be “calling audibles” when I get to SES Chicago...

  5. Schedule optimization for SES New York

    A free drawing will take place on Wednesday, March 19, in the Expo Hall. As Bob Shirilla of Keepsakes Etc.told me at SES Chicago back in December, “I had a detailed game plan when I came to SES, but I'm calling a lot of audibles.