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  1. 3 Holiday SEO Projects: Microdata, Freebies & Harvesting Links

    Make the time to talk a walk through your backlink portfolio and scrutinize any forgotten microsites from past holiday sales seasons. If your organization has any type of creative works in its content, such as books, movies, musical recordings or...

  2. Timing is Everything in Global Search Marketing

    If you sell graduation gifts or run an employment site, you need to adjust your marketing window to accommodate the different seasons in this part of Asia. Understanding variations in seasons, fiscal years, and popular vacation times is critical to...

  3. The Geometry of SEM -- What's your Angle?

    Heat or air conditioning are life or death services in certain parts of the country during certain seasons. They haven't claimed their listing, so the link in the query goes to their Google Local Business Listing with four phone numbers.

  4. SES Awards Finalists Announced

    Four Seasons Hotels and Resort (Acronym Media) Four Seasons Hotels and Resort (Acronym Media) Best Business-to-Business Search Marketing Campaign Microsoft Small Business Center (iProspect) US Small Business Administration-Business Gateway Initiative

  5. Contextual Search Ads: Boon or Bust?

    Even luxury hotel The Four Seasons has played the contextual game with Acronym Media.Don Steele, Director of Digital & Enterprise Marketing for Comedy Central, closed out the session with one of the more comprehensive online search and contextual...