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  1. 5 Virtues to Help SEOs Achieve Workplace Enlightenment

    When accepting a job one is making a decision, an agreement to execute what is laid out in the terms of employment. It helps if the job description is something you’re genuinely interested in doing. It speaks to the necessity of sharing data and...

  2. How to Launch an English Only Global Search Marketing Campaign

    Professional: Typically job and employment relocations. All of us in international search will tell you that if you want to go international, then you’ll have to be international. How do they stack up in comparison to local sites in search?

  3. Guerrilla Marketing for a Job at Google: The Resume Your Resume Could Look Like

    We’ve seen people appeal publicly for employment with the search giant before, but none achieved the same viral success as the (sometimes) mustachioed Atlanta resident. Google confirmed the man does not work for their company and this is not their...

  4. Radical LinkedIn B2B #PPC: Targeting Competitor's Employees

    This post is a step-by-step LinkedIn PPC targeting tutorial to finger competitors' employees in a tight grid of job titles, geographic location, and places of employment. The ability to target such specific job titles and places of employment is...

  5. Google Social 'Layers', Google Fires Teen Stalker, Facebook/Microsoft Search Deal Rumor & More Search News

    David Barksdale, a 27-year-old former Google engineer, repeatedly took advantage of his position as a member of an elite technical group at the company to access users' accounts, violating the privacy of at least four minors during his employment.

  6. Could the Web be the Answer to Economic Plight?

    Apart from the government's ability to stimulate the economy, there's a need for industries that have the potential for continuing expansion -- places for secure long-term employment and products and services we can sell to other countries to dig...