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  1. Yandex Teams With Seznam on Video Search Results, Now Reports Malware

    Though Yandex doesn’t change its index - the malicious code is not altered or changed in the indexed results - it does mark the site as potentially harmful in the search results page, though provides its users with a safe copy of a potentially...

  2. SearchDay | Trademark: The Next Generation

    Insight into FB/Social Media Users based on FB Relationship Status Apr 2, 2009 Just read an interesting article from CNN reporting on Facebook users ( and their relationship...

  3. SEO is Alive and Well and Looking for a Fight at SES London

    So, I'll be going to SES London 2009 myself to monitor the flow of conversation between each member of the panel, who has been monitoring the flow of conversation in the SEO world for up to 10 years and has heard opinions on everything from Black...

  4. SearchDay | Charity Events: Search With a Cause

    as well as to other industry-specific expert sites.” » Join the discussion Search Engine Watch Experts Columns News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

  5. SearchDay: What Can TV Learn from Search?

    For instance, if one has a page that has 30,000 words on it, will Google look at all those words and index them or will it . News from the Search Engine Watch Blog iPhone Applications That Accelerate Mobile Search Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 11...

  6. Housebreaking the Search

    If Jason Calacanis can Mahalo his way into a perceived better way to index the Web, and Tremor Media can sell American Express Card memberships in a mid-roll environment, there are still plenty of options out there for the little guy to innovate big.