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Search Grew q4 2007

  1. Battling Click Fraud is Important for All Involved

    That still leaves double-digit fraud, and not the double decimal place number pushed by the largest seller of clicks in the search space. Search engines versus fraudsters is a long-raging battle. We hope that the search industry will do well in...

  2. Click Fraud Increased Slightly in Q4 2008

    The average click fraud rate of PPC advertisements appearing on search engine content networks, including Google AdSense and the Yahoo Publisher Network, was 28.2 percent. The click fraud rate grew slightly year-over-year.

  3. SearchDay | Should You Target the Head or the Long Tail?

    Google's first page advertisers grew by 58%, and Live Search grew by 42.3%. Search Ad Quality Score 101, Part 2 COLUMN: SEM 101 Getting a good quality score requires that you create relevance and continuity from beginning to end of the search...

  4. Yahoo Releases Q4 and Full Year 2005 Earnings

    Microsoft Corp.s MSN search unit is decreasing its reliance on Yahoo's search-advertising services this year, which will reduce Yahoo's revenue by about $25 million to $50 million in the first half of 2006, said Chief Financial Officer Susan Decker.